Frequent Courthouse Visitor Program

UPDATED 3-28-18   Attention Frequent Courthouse Visitors (FCV) Participants

We have temporarily stopped issuing FCV badges. We are working on a new online system for the Frequent Courthouse Visitors Program that will include a background check performed by a Harris County Law Enforcement agency. If you are an active participant and have a 2017 badge, your badge will remain valid through May 2018. We will notify you when the new system is available.  Please contact Customer Service with any questions and check the FCV website for program updates.


The Frequent Courthouse Visitor Badge Program was created in order to provide a uniform, visual medium for the identification and monitoring of individuals designated as Frequent Courthouse Visitors (FCV). This program enables any person holding an FCV Badge to enter Harris County Courthouse facilities bypassing the magnetometers and/or x-ray machines used for security screening. The FCV Program is administered by the Harris County FCV Oversight Committee consisting of representatives from six Harris County Departments.

How to Apply

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Read & Understand Program Requirements before applying ​National Background Check ​Submit Application ​Approved Applicants


Step 1—Read & Understand Program Requirements before applying

Applicants are required to undergo a national background check. If an applicant is determined to be a security risk, the request for an FCV Badge will be denied. A list of what is viewed as a security risk for the FCV program can be found in the Security Risk Reference Guide

The applicant must demonstrate a frequency level of required access to the Courthouse facilities which would demonstrate the applicant’s need to bypass the magnetometers and/or x-ray machines, as well as indicate a significant benefit to Harris County.

The applicant must submit, in person, a completed unsigned, original application form. Refer to step 3 for more detailed information.

The applicant must submit, in person approved government issued photo identification (ID).

Approved forms of ID:

 State issued valid driver’s license with recognizable photo.

 State issued valid non-driver ID card with recognizable photo.

 Valid US passport with recognizable photo.

Applicants with Texas Concealed Handgun License shall make disclosure and provide their state issued license.

Photocopies of any additional documentation required to support your application must clearly show all names, signatures and other pertinent information.

Please note, completion of an application does not approve you for a Frequent Courthouse Visitors Badge. An application is only approved after:

 Background check has been reviewed and approved.

 Application submitted in person with approved identification.

 Application reviewed and approved by FCV Committee Chair.

 Applicant’s name submitted to Harris County Commissioners Court for approval.

Denial of Application for Issuance of an FCV Badge

If an applicant is denied, the following procedures shall apply:

The applicant of a denied application will be notified via email that their application has been denied and the reason for the denial.

The applicant may appeal the decision to the following email address The appeal must provide the necessary documentation indicating that special circumstances should be considered.

The FCV Committee Chair will review the request for appeal and render a decision to the applicant within 60 days.

The applicant may submit an application for the next calendar year with any and all documents that may indicate that special circumstances should be considered.

Display and Presentation of the FCV Badge

FCV Badge recipients are required to display his/her badge in order to bypass the normal courthouse security screening procedures.

An FCV Badge recipient must present or clearly display his/her identification badge to security personnel, police personnel, or County management personnel while on County property, if requested. Refusal to do so is justification for revocation of FCV Badge privileges.

Other Considerations

FCV Badge recipients acknowledge that firearms or any other type of weapons are prohibited from being brought into a County facility, except as permitted by the Harris County Building Regulations, as amended.

All FCV Badge recipients must cooperate fully with any officer representing Harris County. Failure to do so may result in the termination of FCV Badge privileges.

Any FCV Badge recipient who is involved as a party in either civil and/or criminal courtroom litigation, will have his/her badge suspended during the period of litigation. The badge recipient is required to voluntarily surrender his/her badge to Harris County Customer Service immediately. Failure to do so will result in permanent revocation of badge privileges. Once an FCV Committee member becomes aware of an FCV Badge recipient’s involvement as a courtroom litigant, the recipient’s badge privileges will be suspended. The badge is not required to be returned to the badge recipient at the end of the litigation process.

Any FCV Badge recipient charged with criminal conduct must immediately report such charges to Harris County Customer Service for review. FCV Badge recipient must also voluntarily surrender his/her badge immediately to Harris County Customer Service. Failure to do so will result in revocation of badge privileges.

FCV Badge recipients shall not allow another individual to use his/her badge. To do so will result in revocation of the badge.

Annual Renewal Process

Prior to issuance of an FCV Badge for a new calendar year, an FCV Badge recipient must complete an online profile update, go through the background screening with a review of any criminal history, and pay a $50 renewal fee.

Profile Update

Revocation of Privileges

Harris County reserves the right to terminate the FCV Badge Privileges at any time.

Any person may petition the FCV Oversight Committee Chair to show cause why the access privileges of any FCV Badge recipient should be revoked. The FCV Oversight Committee Chair will evaluate and determine if the FCV Badge should be revoked.

Step 2 National Background Check

National background checks are required for all applicants.

Step 3—Submit Application

The applicant must submit, in person, a completed unsigned, original application form and approved form of ID. Applications are accepted Monday thru Friday between the hours of 7:30AM and 4:00PM at the Harris County Central Technology Customer Service. Located at 1310 Prairie, Suite 140, Houston, Texas 77002.

FCV Application Packet

Applicant will received an email with approval or denial of an FCV Badge after completion of the FCV Badge review process.

Please direct application questions to Harris County Central Technology Customer Service


Step 4 - Approved Applicants

Once your application has been approved, applicant will receive an email confirmation with a date to have your photo taken and pay FCV badge fee.  Applicant will also sign an Application Affidavit swearing all information provided it true, accurate, and complete; and they accept the rules and guidelines of the FCV Program before your badge is issued. The Affidavit is signed at the time the application is submitted to the Customer Service office.

Badges are issued between the hours of 7:30AM to 4:00PM at the Harris County Central Technology Customer Service, located at 1310 Prairie, Suite 140, Houston, Texas 77002.

Applicant will pay a $50 annual fee for Frequent Courthouse Visitors Badge. Badges are renewed every calendar year and are valid from January 1st through December 31st. A $35 fee will be charged for lost or damaged badge. Payment in the form of money order, cashiers or corporate check, MasterCard, Visa, Discoer Card, and American Express is required at time of application submittal. Badge fee waived for qualifying applicants. Waived Fee List

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